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Instant mongoDB from Packt Publishing Book Review

Instant mongoDB eBook
Disclaimer: I got a free copy of this book as part of a Packt Publishing online review campaign. My review of this book is not influenced by that, it’s only my own and honest opinion. My experience with mongoDB is both educational (certified in both 10gen’s M101 for developers and M102 for DBAs online courses), as well as using it in production for a customer project.

The book covers the very basics to get you started with mongoDB from the novice level and the author manages to keep the book concise, clear, with a lot of examples that explain the basic functions.

It starts with a really brief introduction of mongoDB, BSON documents and explains why one would use mongoDB over a relational database.

It continues with a brief part that covers the installation of mongoDB, providing the resources you need and instructions on how to import the sample data and do some basic queries to verify that everything is in place.

The main part of the book covers the CRUD operations (create, read, update and delete) and has useful examples, demonstrating the use of mongo shell environment. The author also gives very useful notes of important things to remember and avoid.

The book also introduces the reader to the schema design, use of indexes, the aggregation framework and also Map Reduce by providing short examples. The author provides only the details needed to introduce and get you started with these concepts.

If you’re interested in mongoDB but are also too busy, then this book will get you started fast and right.

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