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44 Tips for Front End Web Devs using Netbeans IDE

44 tips for frontend web devs using Netbeans IDE for html5, javascript and CSS development by Geertjan Wielenga

I have extracted the list of tips from the video and created links at specific points in time:

1: Get the correct download bundle Watch Here
2: Know the difference between userdir and installation dir Watch Here
3: Know the NetBeans configuration file Watch Here
4: Know the NetBeans command line Watch Here
5: Understand the 5 ways of starting HTML applications Watch Here
6: Know the 6 most powerful key board shortcuts for working with HTML apps Watch Here

  • Alt-Enter (show current hints)
  • Alt-Shift-./Alt-Shift-, (expand selection)
  • Ctrl-R (instant/in-place rename)
  • Ctrl-Shift-Up/Down (copy selection up/down)
  • Alt-Shift-Up/Down (move selection up/down)
  • Alt-Insert (generate code, i.e., Lorum Ipsum)

7: Know where to find the keyboard shortcut card and how to change them Watch Here
8: Browse through main menu, main toolbar, and editor toolbar, more than one Watch Here
9: Know how to show non-printable characters Watch Here
10: Know how to synchronize editor with views Watch Here
11: Know the hints for easily adding removing tags Watch Here
12: Install the Cheat Sheets plugin Watch Here
13: Try out all the code templates at least once Watch Here
14: Be aware of code completion in code templates Watch Here
15: Know how to change and how to add new code templates Watch Here
16: Install the Emmet plugin Watch Here
17: Install the HTML Tidy plugin Watch Here
18: Be aware of the Palette (Ctrl-Shift-8) Watch Here
19: Be aware of the Navigator (Ctrl-7) Watch Here
20: Be aware of the Navigate menu Watch Here
21: Be aware of the Bookmarks window Watch Here
22: Be aware of the Action Items window (Ctrl-6) Watch Here
23: Be aware of the Project Properties dialog Watch Here
24: Know how SASS and LESS work Watch Here
25: know how cordova works Watch Here
26: Know the window management tools Watch Here
27: Alt-Shift-Enter vs. Ctrl-Shift-Enter Watch Here
28: Be aware of the Terminal Emulator Watch Here
29: Be aware of support for popular JavaScript Frameworks – jOuery, JSON, Knockout, Ext Js, AngularJS, JsDoc, ExtDoc, ScriptDoc Watch Here
30: Be aware of JavaScript debugger Watch Here
31: Be aware of the embedded browser Watch Here
32: Be aware of the Chrome NetBeans plugin Watch Here
33: Be aware of deployment to Android and iOS emulators Watch Here
34: Be aware of deployment to Android and iOS devices Watch Here
35: Be aware of Versioning Tools Watch Here
36: Be aware of the Look & Feel Switcher Watch Here
37: Be aware of the Dark Look & Feel Plugin Watch Here
40: be aware of Watch Here
41: Look through the Plugin Manager Watch Here
42: Look through the Plugin Portal Watch Here
43: Be aware of the PHP and HTML Learning Trail Watch Here
44: Contribute! Watch Here

Source: Geertjan’s Blog

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How-To Open 10genEducation – M101J Homework 1.3 & 1.4 with Netbeans IDE 7.3

This is a quick how-to, that will help you open, build and run homework 1.3 of 10gen’s Education M101J (mongodb using Java) course, using Netbeans IDE 7.3 which supports Maven 3.0.


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Javascript resources that I like.


MongoDB Notes – Some basic Stuff

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